9ff Porsche Cayman S CR-42
posted on: May 30, 2006 on category: Cayman

9ff cayman 9ff Porsche Cayman S CR 42There’s no denying that all our knowledge begins with experience; how else are our cognitive faculties awakened if not through objects that stir our senses and sometimes stimulate our imagination directly, sometimes provoke our brain to compare, connect or separate these objects, and thus to process the raw material of perception to gain knowledge — or experience — of the objects?

Titles, records and everyday work are experiences that gave 9ff the knowledge to create this sensory homage. The precise, mature yet powerful design of the CR-42 reflects the philosophy adopted by this Dortmund-based small-series manufacturer. Elegant, aerodynamically efficient and with increased precision. It’s wealth of details makes this two-seater a hit on all fronts: from the inspiring, extremely lightweight disc wheels with patented central mount to the precision-adjustment chassis complete with all imaginable components, through to the add-on parts, some of which are made from carbon fibre.

These elements combine practically but also work well individually.

But the real highlight of the 9ff CR-42 mid-engine sports car kept under wraps: a 4.1-litre Boxer engine featuring an impressive 420 bhp and a powerful 435 Nm torque. This engine enables the vehicle to achieve breathtaking driving performance and superior power development that blow all the benchmarks in this segment out of the water.

The 9ff Cayman can achieve that all-important sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds, and around just 10 seconds later the CR-42 even reaches the 200 km/h mark. Even the smaller engine variants — with 3.8-litre capacity — put the competitors in the shade for performance in an AMS comparison test.

The experience gathered is now reflected in the 9ff CR42 as truly “tangible” knowledge.

* 420 bhp/309 KW at 7450 rpm.
* 435 Nm at 6420 rpm.
* Over 400 Nm at between 4500 and 7500 rpm.
* 340 Nm at an amazingly low 2100 rpm.

These performance statistics make the 9ff CR-42 a high-performance sports car, boasting an excellent power-to-weight ratio and extreme driving performance, that is ideal for everyday use.

The CR-42 costs a total of EUR 129,000.00 incl. VAT and is available now in small series. All individual components are available for sale separately.


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