9ff Tuned Porsche GT9 Beats Bugatti Veyron’s Top Speed Record
posted on: May 12, 2008 on category: 911

9ff porsche gt 9ff Tuned Porsche GT9 Beats Bugatti Veyrons Top Speed Record
Porsche 9ff GT9 came very close to breaking world speed record with its top speed of 409km/h (254mph) during official testing in Papenburg last month. Now 409 is a very big number when you see it on a speed-o-meter.

And even though its attempt to reach the number one position has not succeeded yet, its celebration time for 9ff’s dedicated tuners as their highly modified Porsche GT9 supercar has over taken Bugatti Veyron’s 407km/h (252mph) top speed.

The world record for the fastest production car, however, is still held by America’s SSC Ultimate Aero TT, which reached a top speed of 411km/h (255mph) last September. Good times for Aero TT might end sooner if it is not looking over its shoulder. The competition is fast closing in.

9ff porsche gt speed record 9ff Tuned Porsche GT9 Beats Bugatti Veyrons Top Speed Record

The German tuner 9FF’s GT9 is loosely based on the Porsche 911 GT3, with just 2% of common components between them. It has been stretched by 300mm with roof lower by 120mm to maximize downforce at high speeds. Also instead of using the rear engine layout as in 911 GT3, the 9ff engineers tried to get better weight distribution by using a custom designed mid-mounted twin-turbo 4.2L flat-six engine. It is mated to a six-speed transmission. The engine makes 987bhp and 711 lb/ft of torque and the entire car weighs just 1,326kg courtesy of carbon-fibre and Kevlar construction.

There is more work for guys at 9ff as their GT9 is still 1.7 seconds slower than Bugatti Veyron in 0-60 race and 1mph short of the SSC Ultimate Aero TT’s record top speed. The production of only 20 examples of the ultra exclusive 9ff Porsche GT9 will be done with each commanding a price tag of $854,000.


i have this exact car but white, and this car runs great and its fast. when ever i drive this car it makes me feel good because it feels like your the only one on the road

February 26, 2009

I have a black porche but mine is a
custom made GT1 concept. It puts out 1500HP and weights 350kg.
I have run it on the Autobahn at 465kph.
It’s made from spider silk.[copyright]

Joe Kerr
January 3, 2010

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