A. Kahn Design Porsche Panamera styling package
posted on: Jun 23, 2011 on category: highlights, Panamera

porsche panamera tuning kahn design 4 550x277 A. Kahn Design Porsche Panamera styling package
Afzal Kahn introduced another styling package for the Porsche Panamera which is not only visually appealing but sportier and aggressive.

And A. Kahn Design’s latest dalliance with the Porsche Panamera results in an awe-inspiring styling package which ensures the car looks much lower, longer and wider than the standard vehicle.

Designed to emphasise the vehicle’s stance by focusing on the innovative RS-600 wheels, every external adaptation serves to entice greater performance, taking the vehicle to a whole new dimension.

porsche panamera tuning kahn design 2 550x365 A. Kahn Design Porsche Panamera styling package

The Panamera’s silky styling package consists of a 10 piece wide-arch kit, rear roof spoiler, front and rear air dams, integrated front LED’s with vents, designed to reflect current sportier Porsches, while maintaining technical Kahn detailing.

Another unique feature of this model is the amazing interior which has been upgraded to a magnificent level, with A. Kahn Design’s customary blend of leather, carbon and wood proving to be a real sensation!


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