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Having gained many years’ experience, especially in the Porsche Sports Cup, Carrera Cup and more recently with the 997 GT3 R in the ADAC GT Masters, the team surrounding Niko Wieth understand exactly what is necessary to make a 911 even faster. After all the team was the overall champion in the Porsche Sports Cup in 2009 with a Porsche 997 GT2 and knows the iconic sports car from Zuffenhausen inside out. Ultimately it is the well founded knowledge of chassis technology and over all set up which only a handful of specialists here in Europe can demonstrate.

This time the aim in developing the Carrera 435s was not to make a GT2 or GT3 quicker, but to inject an everyday 911 with a significant dose of fun whilst not reducing that everyday usability. The result is a 911 at the level of a GT3 but is not a spartan or extreme racer with racing bucket seats and harness or overt wings and spoilers but can still achieve the lap times of a GT3. The concept is based on 3 building blocks: intelligent weight reduction in key areas, a moderate increase in power, as well as, drawing on one a-workx’s core competences to create a perfectly balanced and set up chassis.

1 a workx 911 01 a workx Porsche Carrera 435s

For these reasons a-workx has only used components for the „Carrera 435s“ with which they have had extensive and good experience; s stands for „Street sport“ and 435 refers to the power output.

Here are the details of the vehicle:
In order to improve the brake performance, a-workx have installed a MOV`IT Performance sports brake system which aligns the brake performance with the increased capabilities of the vehicle and ensure fade free deceleration during an eventual excursion to the race track. The 6 pot brake calipers at the front together with larger discs (Ø370×35 mm / 149/16“ x 13/8“), steel braided brake lines and competition brake fluid significantly reduce the braking distance.

The core of the chassis modifications is a Club Sport suspension developed in conjunction with the experts from KW Automotive. The suspension set up has been specifically tuned to suit the vehicles characteristics. The professional racing drivers Sebastian Asch and Michael Ammermüller, together with their race engineers, were responsible for fine tuning the set up. The interaction between ride height, weight distribution over all four wheels (wheel load), track and camber settings, the correct spring and damper settings as well as the exact setting of the compression and rebound rates is what is finally responsible for the maximum contact between the tyres and the road or track surface and so for the optimum traction and best possible grip. The 7.9 kg (17½ lbs) light ATS-Superlight wheels (Standard 10.2 kg / 22 ½lbs) also bring significant advantages as the suspension, due to the reduced wheel mass reacts more sensitively and so functions better. A special highlight is how comfortable the ride is despite the sporting set up. Thus the vehicle ride is significantly more supple than the standard set up in sport mode, and disputes the age old adage „the harder the better“.

10 a workx 911 01 550x412 a workx Porsche Carrera 435s

The ultra light titanium exhaust system fitted by a-workx also contributes to the reduced weight of the 435s (minus 10 kg / 22 lbs), as well as a significant 17 HP (DIN) (with ECU software optimization 27 HP) increase in power and so also to the enhanced driving enjoyment. Behind the exhaust system stands the know-how from the performance sports exhaust specialists from Akrapovic, who have once again produced a technological piece of art with the perfectly formed pipe work. A remote controlled exhaust valve allows the driver to choose between the howl of a race car or a more reserved exhaust tone depending on the situation and mood. If one chooses the „Race-Mode“, then it is guaranteed that every acoustic desire will be fulfilled. In fact many GT3 drivers will be jealous of the sound which is reminiscent to the Porsche icon, the Carrera GT.

Ultimately the enhanced 911 must however prove itself on the road and race track. And the expectations will definitely be fulfilled. The 435s turns in precisely, cries for the next bend and masters every variation of curve enthusiastically and completely neutrally. There is absolutely no trace of the infamous tail happiness and after a short period to become accustomed with the vehicle, the driver feels confident enough to switch off the traction control. One feels how the perfectly set up suspension and the excellent Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tyres harmonize with one another and create the best possible grip. The reduction in mass behind the rear axle due to the titanium exhaust system allows the 911 to appear controllable and ultimately allows the driver to negotiate the curves even quicker.

5 a workx 911 01 550x412 a workx Porsche Carrera 435s

The sound, the exact brakes and the perfect chassis encourage the driver to stay on the accelerator through the curve. As has been said, pure driving pleasure! for more information click to a-workx


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