a-workx Tuning for the Porsche GT3 / GT3 RS
posted on: Aug 4, 2012 on category: 911, highlights

carbon airbox 2 a workx Tuning for the Porsche GT3 / GT3 RS
From the track on the road – This is the premise under which a-workx has successfully worked for over 15 years. This credo allows a-workx customers and their road vehicle to benefit from the invaluable experience gained in motorsport. The latest product:

carbon airbox 1 a workx Tuning for the Porsche GT3 / GT3 RS

A real eye opener, manufactured from carbon fibre and available for all 997 GT3 und GT3 RS from the 1st and 2nd generation. Compared to the standard component the high flow carbon airbox from a-workx, with its 62% larger openings, allows an improved air flow and so a better fill of the combustion chamber. This together with a conical sport filter with larger filter area results in a 6-10 hp (DIN) increase in power – depending on model. In addition the high performance airbox provides the perfect basis, together with optimised software, for even greater increases in performance. The price for the top quality component is 2.500 € excl. VAT

carbon airbox a workx a workx Tuning for the Porsche GT3 / GT3 RS


  • 62% bigger air chamber compared to 3.8l RS for increased air flow (even more to the 3.6l)
  • clearly increased airfilter surface because of tapered sport airfilters
  • appropriate for 997 GT3 and RS 3.6l and 3.8l
  • power enhancement of 6 up to 10hp*
  • sensational look due to full carbon finish

For more information please visit: www.a-workx.com


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