Aerodynamic kit 997 Turbo
posted on: Jul 9, 2008 on category: 911

sportec aerodynamic Aerodynamic kit 997 Turbo
A Porsche is a thoroughbred sports car having a special characteristic. This characteristic allows its driver to express his own personal freedom and taste. Sportec engineers take as much pleasure in a sporty automobile as their customers. And since the performance behind the wheel as well as under the engine bonnet should not take a back seat to the vehicle’s silhouette, Sportec engineers have designed a unique aerodynamic package.

The Sportec model´s aerodynamics were not only conceived for the sake of aesthetics, but rather serve an important function: The car gains additional driving comfort and safety. Especially at speeds over 200 km/h, the optional Sportec front apron increases the intake pressure acting on the front wheels and thus provides the car with additional track stability. Thanks to the special positioning of the air vents, the modified front assures an ideal air supply for both engine and braking system. Even at high speed, the combination of rear apron and spoiler forces the rear wheels down to the tarmac.

sportec bodykit Aerodynamic kit 997 Turbo

The aerodynamic package includes:

  • Frontspoiler
  • 1 set side skirts
  • Rear diffusor 3-pieces
  • Rear wing

All the parts are made in PU-RIM, and includes fitting stuff. For pricing information, please visit Sportec Website.

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I don’t normally go for body kit but this kit looks the business.

Porsche Fan
July 9, 2008

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