Agency Power 650 Turbo Kit Porsche 996TT
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996turbokitcomplete Agency Power 650 Turbo Kit Porsche 996TT The Porsche 996 Turbo is one of the worlds most refined and powerful high performance cars. Simple additions such as an exhaust system or ECU flash can make the world of difference. However, Agency Power wanted to do more! In collaboration with Vivid Racing, AFI Turbo, and Softronic, Agency Power have developed the 650 Turbo Kit for the Porsche 996TT models.

What makes this turbo kit superior to the competition is based on many factors. Cutting edge ECU tuning, modular design for upgrading power, high quality and well engineered CNC parts, proper performance output tests in realistic conditions, and reliable street and track performance for vehicle longevity. Agency Power analyzed several companies’ turbo upgrade products. In this analysis they looked at package contents, product quality, performance gains, and pricing. To provide the ultimate Porsche 996TT turbo kit, they have developed this package for a true bolt on performance gain with potential to increase based on customer requirements.

The 650 turbo kit uses Garrett GT2860RS ball bearing turbos. The turbos were then spec’d out to produce quick turbo spool and optimal power gains throughout the RPM band. To increase torque, Agency Power developed the use of an external wastegate system. The Tial 44mm wastegates use band clamps with an external dump bypassing the stock exhaust system. Using an .8bar spring, the wastegates are very efficient for our use. Connecting to the Garrett turbo is our well developed, high quality, USA made exhaust manifolds by AFI Turbo.

The headers feature CNC machined flanges from 1018 mild steel with plenty of thickness to prevent warping. Using steel for the flanges prevents cracking due to the stainless material expanding under extreme temperatures. 10 gauge 304 stainless steel is used to build the header tubing. Low angle true merge collectors are put in place for proper exhaust flow producing optimal power gains. The collectors are also back purged when welded to finish off the high quality component.

For customers to retain their OEM replacement exhaust system, Agency Power uses an exhaust flange machined from 1018 steel which is then plated. The flange allows you to directly bolt on your exhaust system with no affects to the factory placement. With the use of this exhaust flange and header flange, customers can spec out any Garrett turbo for their needs using a T3/T4 flange setup.

Instead of cutting costs using simplistic oil line adapters to position the factory oil cans, AFI along with Agency Power have developed these billet aluminum replacement cans to fit like factory. Since the OEM part will not work with the much larger turbos, the meticulously designed component keeps the original functions of your highly engineered Porsche oil system. The cans are CNC machined 6061 aluminum with the Agency Power/AFI logo engraved. They feature 3D machining to replicate the same capacity and design as the OEM part. The remainder of the oil system features steel braided high flow oil lines with machined fittings and check valves to keep oil functioning properly in the dry sump system.

With the hard parts out of the way, dialing in the power requires proper tuning and fueling. To give the car enough fuel for safe, reliable driving, they use a 5.0 bar fuel pressure regulator which is a direct replacement for the OEM part. To increase fuel delivery, an upgrade the standard 996TT fuel pump with a GT2 High Flow fuel pump. These 2 parts provide adequate fueling for the power at hand. To tie all the products together, Agency Power have partnered with Softronic for ECU tuning. Softronic has worked with Agency Power to provide a custom ECU flash for our turbo kits. With a client friendly system, there is no removal of your ECU needed. Customers receive a client cable with their turbo kit that connects to the OBDII port. The stock ECU file is read from the vehicle and then emailed to Softronic for them to configure the AP turbo kit flash. Through Softronic, we are able to offer customized tuning solutions for clients worldwide in different environments. Softronic is the only company that uses Porsche factory tuning equipment and tools for the finest software available. Softronic’s owner and tuner Scott Slauson is considered to be the leading authority in Porsche tuning by many. With over 30 years in fuel injection experience, Softronic is the lead company in Porsche race car data checking. Softronic sets the ground for which there is no comparison in automotive technologies.

996turbokitall Agency Power 650 Turbo Kit Porsche 996TT

The Agency Power 650 Turbo Kit for the Porsche 996TT has been tested at the Vivid Racing facility in Arizona. Dyno results were achieved on a Mustang All Wheel Dynamometer configured to industry standards. With 93 octane gas at 1.3bar of boost, we achieved a respectable 523awhp and 530ft/lbs of torque. With a drivetrain loss between 20-25% for all wheel drive cars, Agency Power have achieved the 650 number. The air fuel was very safe and consistent at 11.5. Performance gains will vary based upon customer configuration (exhaust, intake, intercoolers, etc), dynamometer type, octane used, climates, and running RWD or AWD. The best performance gains can be seen in before and after dyno comparisons, ¼ mile runs, etc. The complete turbo kit includes all components for a direct installation. All products are brand new. No remanufactured components or core charges are required. Professional installation highly recommended. All Agency Power and AFI products come with a limited 1 year warranty on components. Turbo kit will fit all 2001-2005 Porsche 996 Turbos.

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im looking for a t4 upgrade package for a 911 turbo!

does anyone know who has that 4.0 engine that is used in the porsche 9ff airforce. thats the baby I want to turbo. Is that available for internet buyers?

December 20, 2007

Can anyone tell me if the 5 bar regulator is fixed or does the fuel pressure drop when vacuum is applied. I have a 650hp gt2 which consistently ends up with fuel trims going to -20% i.e. car is running too rich.
John (Scotland)

John Muir
April 9, 2009

my car is a porsche 996 tt , with optional kit, x50 450Cv original porsche , 40.000km ,hear 2003 , and I will increased the performance. I will wont some information prices and our solution for increase power,cv, coppia n.m. Some our kit , for exemples 500, 520,550cv and prices.
Thank you.

April 18, 2012

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