AirREX UK releases Porsche 964 High-Performance Air Suspension Kit
posted on: Nov 18, 2015 on category: 911

IMG 0815 2 550x355 AirREX UK releases Porsche 964 High Performance Air Suspension Kit

Porsche owners looking to equip their car with totally transformable suspension will be delighted to learn of AirREX’s fully comprehensive – and fully reversible- air-suspension kit for almost all variants of that model. This new kit will fit all versions of Porsche svelte 911, in widebody, coupe and cabriolet guises, offering a near ‘plug and play’ fitment to enthusiasts that want the look and convenience of a fully adjustable air-ride kit, but without the usual hassles of fitting that go with custom installs.

Until now, AirREX has perhaps best been known as the preferred supplier of air suspension systems for exotic Liberty Walk projects – the radical supercars frequently seen at the Tokyo Auto Salon and SEMA shows. No doubt this result was partly based on the ISO-certified quality of AirREX kits. Ideal for UK roads, these kits are tough, reliable and durable – offering great ride quality with the ability to change any suitably-equipped 964’s ride height at will. Perfect for that super-low stance at shows, with a variety of ride heights for road use.

IMG 0866 2 550x367 AirREX UK releases Porsche 964 High Performance Air Suspension Kit

As with all AirREX digital air management systems, the Porsche 964 kit is supplied fully assembled and leak tested from the factory, saving up to ten hours installation time compared to rival systems. All the primary control components – valve block, compressor, air tank and purge valve – are contained in a composite wood casing with a smoked acrylic window. Once this case has been secured in position, two simple electrical connections (power and ground) and four ‘plug and play’ plumbing connections (one to each air spring) complete the installation. Because of this, these 964 kits can be fitted in just one full working day (compared to several for a custom build!)
The AirREX system is fully digital, wireless in operation and minutely adjustable from an intuitive, hand-held commander unit. Using this unit, each corner can be controlled either individually, in pairs, or collectively. Ride heights can be configured at pre-set levels to allow for a perfect road geometry setting to be achieved, while precise air spring pressures can be monitored from the commander unit’s backlit TFT LCD screen.

IMG 0848 550x367 AirREX UK releases Porsche 964 High Performance Air Suspension Kit

In addition to minute ride height adjustment, the well-engineered AirREX struts offer adjustable damping force for precise control of handling and feel. The struts adopt double convoluted bellows and twin-ply rubber construction for improved control and strength over traditional sleeved bags. Unusually for this market, this setup has been proven in the heat of competition – both on and off the track. This is good news for the many daily-driven 964s out there.

The electronic stability of AirREX systems is evidenced by the use of 20A fuses within the power feed – half that normally found in competitor systems. This means AirREX systems are less likely to overload the electronics of the host vehicle.

IMG 0888 1 550x356 AirREX UK releases Porsche 964 High Performance Air Suspension Kit

Priced at £4165.83 + VAT, the AirREX kit doesn’t pretend to be the cheapest on the market. After all, quality never came cheap! That said, when you begin to factor in the massively reduced labour charges in fitting an AirREX kit, when compared to the vast majority of its competitors, plus the integrity of factory-assembled hardware, then the value for money becomes readily apparent. While it might not be for the purists, the fully reversible nature of the kit means that reverting a cherished 964 back to concours standard in future is a simple and straightforward task.


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