BILSTEIN B6 PASM Compatible Option for Porsche 981 Boxster
posted on: Apr 3, 2016 on category: Boxster

porsche bilstein 550x413 BILSTEIN B6 PASM Compatible Option for Porsche 981 Boxster

BILSTEIN, the respected German manufacturer of dampers and suspension systems has released details of a beautifully-engineered enhancement package for Porsche’s superb 981 Boxster. This kit will also fit the equivalent Cayman models. Available to fit all engine variants, the BILSTEIN B6 ‘Damptronic’ system offers a dramatic improvement in handling prowess, but retains full PASM integration to allow the driver to select the ideal damping rate whilst ‘on the fly’.

The new kit offer OEM levels of fit, finish and ride quality, coupled with significant improvements in handling. The kit walks the perfect line between day-to-day GT usage, with the facility to flick into a harder setting via PASM for more spirited driving. It has been designed and produced entirely in-house in BILSTEIN’s cutting-edge German production facilities.

BIILSTEIN makes many OEM for Porsche, and this is reflected in the factory-level quality of this upgrade package. The BILSTEIN B6 kit represents the pinnacle of ‘everyday’ suspension performance. Each damper integrates seamlessly with the factory electronics, with bump and rebound being changed together in a carefully pre-set ratio to ensure that the car retains impeccable manners. With a damping range carefully matched to the 981’s dynamic requirements, the BILSTEIN B6 Damptronic kit truly allows you to have two cars in one.

As with all BILSTEIN performance products, these kits have been extensively proven. Not only in BILSTEIN’s extensive laboratory set-up, but more importantly, at the Papenburg test facility, where BILSTEIN have their unparalleled research centre. Here, these dampers were ‘shaken down’ by real, live test drivers, to ensure that these upgrades don’t just work well in a computer simulation, but can offer ride quality and peerless handling whether fully loaded or on the poorest of surfaces.
As you might expect from the World’s leading original equipment manufacturer, this upgrade kit carries full TUV approval and 12 months warranty.

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