BILSTEIN ClubSport Suspension System for Porsche 991 GT3
posted on: Nov 18, 2015 on category: 911

wq911 550x191 BILSTEIN ClubSport Suspension System for Porsche 991 GT3

When it came off the production line, the Porsche 911 GT3 (991 Series) was already fitted with a number of features guaranteed to quicken the pulse of true driving enthusiasts. Who wouldn’t want the package of 475 hp engine output, 440 Nm torque, 7-speed dual clutch transmission and active rear axle steering? Now, BILSTEIN has launched its Clubsport high-end coilover suspension for the car, which really enhances the pinnacle of the 911 range, both on the road and also on the track.

During meticulous tuning and adjustment work, throughout a two-week field test on the test and trial circuit in Papenburg (Emsland), BILSTEIN technicians tuned the high-end coilover suspension to the Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus in the GT3. The system consists of an electronically controlled, fully variable rear axle lock and works simultaneously with targeted, selective braking interventions. When the steering locks a slight braking action is applied to the rear wheel of the GT3 on the inside of the corner. The system assigns a higher torque value to the wheel on the outside of the corner, thus giving an additional moment of momentum in the applied direction.

The 2-way Clubsport suspension for the GT3 can be adjusted separately with the clearly visible, colour-marked aluminium adjustment wheels positioned on the shock absorber from 1 (soft) to 10 (firm) via rebound (red) and compression (blue) stages with a lowering range of up to 15 mm on the front axle and up to 20 mm on the rear axle. This integrates perfectly with the GT3’s factory stability system. This permits 100 adjustment settings that can be experienced and manually selected with noticeable differences, and allow higher cornering speeds on the race track and road. As with the rest of the suspension components, the outer tubes of the new BILSTEIN Clubsport for the GT3 are manufactured from aluminium for weight optimisation.

BILSTEIN Clubsport has a lowering range of up to 35 mm (front axle) and 30 mm (rear axle), which will is compatible for all models of the 991 series. So, even if your budget doesn’t stretch to GT3 territory, your suspension can at least be as good!


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