Cargraphic rebore for air and water-cooled Porsche 911
posted on: Apr 14, 2010 on category: Parts

cargraphic pistons Cargraphic rebore for air and water cooled Porsche 911
Despite all current trends towards downsizing, even today’s connoisseur knows that there’s no substitute for decent cylinder capacity. A bigger engine size offers more maximum torque and will deliver serious power to your pedal more quickly. It’s no surprise then, that fans of high-revving Porsche power units are plumping for a rebore at the hands of the traditional Cargraphic company from Germany.

Each set consists of high-quality forged pistons along with Nikasil steel liners. The nickel silicon carbide coating doesn’t just serve to make the surface particularly resistant – it also improves the friction characteristics and interplay with the pistons. The conversion kits take into account the needs of both air and water-cooled 911 series – turbos and naturally aspirated engines. In any case the boost in performance can be clearly felt, although the number of different models around makes it impossible to give across-the-board performance specifications.

It’s the older 911 C1, 964 and 993 models above all, including the turbo and the GT2, which really lend themselves to the Cargraphic upgrade, particularly when a close look at the motor is on the cards anyway. Seeing as the pistons and liners are generally replaced in this case, the rebore itself hardly entails any extra costs. Depending on the conversion kit and basic model, the combustion chamber volume will increase from 3.6 to 3.8 or 3.9 litres; in the case of the C1 it’ll go up from 3.2 to 3.4 litres. However, even if you aren’t planning a major engine overhaul, the 2,940 to 3,400 euros (plus VAT) will be a good investment as well as directly topping up your driving pleasure account.

In an effort to make sure that the more modern water-cooled engines don’t run out of steam so quickly, the experienced Cargraphic company is also offering conversions for the 996 and 997 series. The GT3 and GT3 RS models – and the turbos – are beneficiaries here. The standard Cargraphic conversion kit here is the “Fast Road”, which increases the engine volume to 3.8 or 3.9 litres. As with the kits for the air-cooled 911, this one also boasts forged pistons and Nikasil-coated steel liners at a price of 2,900 to 3,400 euros (plus VAT). For the Porsche models 996 and 997 Turbo, including the GT2, the costs of a one-size-fits-all rebore to 3.8 litres are somewhat greater, at about 5,000 euros (plus VAT).

As a company with many years’ experience in motor sports, the Palatinate vehicle fitter has got for the GT3/Cup for just about 5,000 euros (plus VAT) or a Club Sports and Racing conversion kit to 3.9 litres in its repertoire of services. For maximum performance and efficiency, the engineers optimise the gravity and weight of all components by means of FEM calculation and implement these calculations using sophisticated milling. We use a special bridge construction, which guarantees durability and structural stability even under the toughest racing conditions. Another innovation: deep valve pockets give the camshafts more lift.

The traditional mechanical performance enhancements made by Cargraphic ensure with maximum reliability that today many Porsches just have more “oomph”. For many other 911-types, the company also offers replacement pistons and liners with the original specification as a spare part – so that the engine is soon purring again like it should. Because when a sports car is healthy, everyone is happy.


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