Cargraphic ride-height control system
posted on: May 15, 2009 on category: Parts

cargraphic airlift Cargraphic ride height control system
“Racing performance without the daily grind.” That’s the simple point of the retro-fit Airlift Suspension from Cargraphic. On the demanding Grand Prix circuit of the Hockenheimring it took 17 curves, 6 straights, a Cargraphic-Porsche 997 Turbo GT RSC 3.6 (624PS/459kW) and the legendary Walter Röhrl to prove the system works. But let’s start at the beginning.

The system is available now for various Porsche 997 models and soon the Audi R8 and other models will feel the benefits of pneumatic suspension that lifts the front axle up to 55mm at the touch of a button. So steep parking ramps or high pavements, a real horror scenario with low cars, can be conquered without cracks to the nerves or spoiler. Critically, though, this flexibility cannot hurt the handling and the handling relies on BILSTEIN B16 DampTronic® adjustable suspension. “A super sports car shouldn’t end up as a cafe racer or a boulevard cruiser”, says Michael Schnarr, Manager of Cargraphic along with his brother Thomas.

So over to the man himself, widely considered the greatest rally driver of all time Walter Röhrl. “First, we’re going to drive on time with the system, then we’ll swap to normal suspension”, he explains. “Then I’ll try it again and only then will I be 100 per cent convinced.” So that’s the plan, but will there be a happy ending for Walter Röhrl and the Airlift Suspension?

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