Cayenne Diesel really hot
posted on: Aug 11, 2010 on category: Cayenne

Cargraphic Cayenne KTC 300 Pruefstand 550x366 Cayenne Diesel really hot
Despite its name, cayenne pepper is actually made from ground chillies and is up to twenty times stronger than tabasco. The new Porsche Cayenne (958) with its 3.0 litre diesel engine is just as hot. The renowned German car tuner Cargraphic have once again spiced things up nicely. The vehicle’s horsepower is increased by a robust 22 per cent thanks to special performance software. 176 kW / 240 PS is boosted to 215 kW / 292 PS. You’ll also see clear improvement in maximum torque with an increase from 550 to 644 Nm: that’s a gain of around 17 per cent and nearly 30 per cent more than the Cayenne S 294 kW / 400 PS petrol V8. This engine upgrade offers an excellent price-performance ratio for 995 Euro (plus VAT).

The Cayenne Diesel turns up the heat with one of the firm’s specialities – the optional stainless steel exhaust system, manufactured in-house. This doesn’t just guarantee acoustic quality but also ensures an extra boost in performance that powers it towards a nice round number: the 300 PS (221 kW) this car reaches also gives it its new name in full Cargraphic style, the KTC 300.

Cayenne Diesel KW / PS Torque max.
Standard vehicle 176 kW / 240 PS 550 Nm
Performance Software 215 kW / 292 PS 644 Nm
Performance Software plus exhaust system 221 kW / 300 PS 660 Nm

All these new qualities don’t just exist on paper. In-house tests using just the performance software have already shown impressive results. With a top speed climbing from the previous 219 km/h to a fiery 228 km/h, the acceleration from nought to 100 km/h is one second faster than the standard model. The same test with a target speed of 150 knocks four seconds off the time. This additional power also makes driving more enjoyable: going from 60 to 130 km/h in fifth gear saves a good 1.5 seconds in comparison with the normal Cayenne Diesel. The KTC 300 is really only properly complete with the Cargraphic module for the air suspension, which lowers the car 40 millimetres at the front and 30 millimetres at the back. This means the Cayenne is even more dynamic, both in looks and in handling.

Getting the right wheels is also essential. Cargraphic has kitted out the Cayenne KTC 300 with 9.5×22 inch (front) and 10.5×22 inch (rear) cast aluminium rims type Sport which have heat-treated wheel centres. Like all of the firm’s alloys, these three-piece models have been developed entirely by the company itself and produced in Germany. A complete set of wheels, including tyres of type 275/35/R22 (front axle) and 315/30/R22 costs 5,295 Euro (plus VAT). Incidentally, the next highlight for the Cayenne II is already in the making: Cargraphic will soon be able to offer an attractive body kit. It really doesn’t get any hotter than that.


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