DELAVILLA R1,the Cayman revealed
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delavilla R1 1 550x366 DELAVILLA R1,the Cayman revealed
Exclusively unveiled at the Lyon International Motor Show on 8th October, the DELAVILLA CAYMAN R1 has already created a sensation.

It is the latest model in the DELAVILLA range: A Cayman with an entirely new silhouette and exceptional finishing. “The R1 stands out with its all new bodywork and improved technical performance”, explains Michel Bendinelli, Chairman of DELAVILLA SAS. “That is why we consider it as a Cayman… revealed!” Indeed, the R1 is an enhanced version of the original model and will seduce all lovers of exceptional vehicles.

delavilla R1 2 550x366 DELAVILLA R1,the Cayman revealed

A new silhouette

The Cayman’s bodywork has been completely overhauled. The use of cutting edge tools and techniques (3D CAM software, for example) has made it possible to create the different components under optimal conditions, with the highest quality of manufacturing and top-of-the-range aesthetics.

With additional width of 12 cm at the front and 18 cm at the rear, the R1 has a more aggressive and sporty silhouette, whilst preserving the family feel of the original model. At the front, the bumper has a new, dynamic profile with LED lights and special fog lights.

As for all DELAVILLA models, the rear is equipped with the brand’s emblematic four vertical exhaust pipe, above a wide air outlet, symbolic of the new look model. The side panels are reminiscent of the “PORSCHE Carrera GT“ equipped with the large air inlets required to cool the internal mechanics of this type of vehicle.

delavilla R1 interior 550x366 DELAVILLA R1,the Cayman revealed

The client can take the personalization of their DELAVILLA even further by choosing from a list of 34 additional options. These include lambo doors, fingerprint recognition and transparent engine cover.

New power levels

This is one of this model’s unique specificities. The R1 offers the option of 3 power levels, above and beyond those offered by the manufacturer: the first configuration offers 340 hp, the second 385 hp and the last up to 420 hp (only for track racing). This means the R1 offers absolutely exceptional levels of performance, which live up to the remarkable potential of its chassis. “These power levels take the vehicle to a whole new level and exploit its full potential,» explains Michel Bendinelli. In short, the R1 is a truly new approach to the Cayman and its capacities.

delavilla R1 6 550x366 DELAVILLA R1,the Cayman revealed

The 911 VRS in 2007, followed by the Cayman VRC in 2009 were the first DELAVILLA branded cars. The brand has now given its name to a new French company, officially set up in June 2011. DELAVILLA SAS is now structured so as to develop the concept of bespoke cars, “made in France”, based on the models in the Porsche range.

The DELAVILLA concept has not changed since the conception of the very first vehicle in 2007; each car is unique, with its own silhouette and made-to-measure accessories. Today, three models feature in the catalogue, the 911 VRS, the Cayman VRC and the R1. The end of 2011 will see the unveiling of the Speedster VRS (currently in production). Development will continue with the Cayenne and the Panamera. This is therefore a very busy time for DELAVILLA SAS with the brand on display at trade fairs across France and Europe.

The arrival of the R1 marks another step forward for the French brand in the world of tailor-made motor cars.

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