Forge launches new Porsche 996 Uprated Intercooler Kit
posted on: Nov 22, 2011 on category: 911

Forge Porsche 996 Intercoolers 550x413 Forge launches new Porsche 996 Uprated Intercooler Kit
Forge Motorsport have once again been wielding their welders and sculpting aluminium to create this simply stunning pair of uprated intercoolers for all Porsche 996 Turbo models.

The new ‘coolers are similar in dimension to the OEM units, but are measurably thicker. This allows them to be mounted directly onto the factory mounting brackets as a direct replacement. The kit also contains uprated, motorsport quality silicon hoses to allow these new units to be easily plumbed in. Thanks to a much more efficient ‘bar and plate’ core construction, Forge have seen a proven increase in cooling efficiency after a series of independent dyno runs at Regal Autosport. In tests there, the Forge unit managed a creditable drop in intake temperature of some 24° centigrade!

Forge 996 Intercooler Detail 550x449 Forge launches new Porsche 996 Uprated Intercooler Kit

This tangible improvement allows the engine to improve power and torque throughout the rev range without the need for further remapping or ECU changes. With the engine running cooler, engine longevity should also be improved. As with all Forge hand-fabricated products, it’s been built here in Blighty, too!

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