GEMBALLA design wheels for the Porsche Panamera
posted on: Oct 21, 2009 on category: Panamera

gt sport 22 550x367 GEMBALLA design wheels for the Porsche Panamera With the new wheels GT Sport und GT Sport-R, GEMBALLA Automobiltechnik GmbH & Co. KG presents two design versions for the Porsche Panamera at once. The rims which are especially attuned to the design language and technical requirements of the Porsche Gran Turismo are available in 20 and 22 inches and include a approval by the Technical Control Board TÜV.

Characteristic for the modern style of both designs is the matt black varnish with the five elongated and vaulted spokes. In the version GT Sport, the monoblock design enhances the noble character of the Porsche with visual finesse. On the other hand, the version GT Sport-R with its two-part look and the stainless steel decorative bolts especially emphasises the athletic standard. Modern manufacturing methods and the use of especial aluminium alloys guarantee highest loads at lowest weight.

The light alloy wheels GEMBALLA GT Sport and GT Sport-R are available in the dimensions 10 x 20, 10 x 22 as well as 11 x 22 (only rear axle) for all Porsche Panamera from 680 €. If desired, the car colour can be applied.

For more information about the rim GT Sport and the extensive GEMBALLA refining programme, please visit the web site


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