Gemballa GT 4.0L RS
posted on: Feb 21, 2008 on category: Cayman

gemballa 3 Gemballa GT 4.0L RS
Gemballa has come out with a new car based on the Porsche 987-C Cayman S, and to compare them one needs to look no further than the movie Twins. The Cayman S is like Danny DeVito to Gemballa’s Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sure, DeVito’s character had redeemable attributes, but seriously, who would you pick in a race?

Or a fight to the death, for that matter…

The Gemballa GT 4.0L RS has a massive 4.0 liter engine, upped from the 3.4 liter capacity engine on the Cayman S. Silver-toned carbon fibre gives this tuner an exquisite look without making it look tacky, and new front and rear spoilers really do look nice. Appearance aside, these three elements likely combine to really make the GT 4.0L RS stand apart from its Stuttgart-bred relative. 20-inch black racing wheels surround a huge, perforated disc brake system. Although the yellow brake calipers appear a little over-the-top when viewed individually, the car does benefit from a little bit of color.

gemballa 2 Gemballa GT 4.0L RS

We said, “a little bit of color.” Not the blinding yellow and black Alcantara and carpet interior. If there was anything wrong with this racehorse, its that inside it looks like a yellow dye-pack exploded in a bank robber’s high end getaway car.

Nonetheless, we wish we could take a more critical look at the car, but Gemballa has provided no specs or pricing for the vehicle. Currently, the Gemballa GT 4.0L RS is not featured on the US, UK, and Aussie web sites of the company. But you can see a little more of the car at

gemballa 1 Gemballa GT 4.0L RS


Where can i find the performance figures on this car? what if its all show no go type of deal?

February 22, 2008

shows how much you know about porsche or gemballa. get back in your loser jap car and beat it.

March 18, 2008

k John ur a freaking jackass, i mean when someone asks a genuine question, only a true jerk would take the time to call them a looser. I mean sure he may not know as much as you about porsche tuning companies, but hows he ever gonna learn unless someone tells him. I mean he brings up a valid point: some porsche tuners just add a lot of body work and barely touch the engine. People like you need to lay off, cause not everyone is born knowing everything about companies like gemballa, ruf, 9ff etc like you seem to think that you were.

December 8, 2008

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