GEMBALLA GT 600 Aero 3 Design Bicolor
posted on: Apr 22, 2005 on category: Cayenne

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With the new GEMBALLA GT 600 AERO 3 DESIGN BICOLOR Porsche customizer GEMBALLA offers the peak of exclusiveness. This noble vehicle on the basis of the Porsche Cayenne offers performance of 600 hp at a maximum torque of 880 nm. It takes the GEMBALLA GT 600 AERO 3 only 4.5 seconds to reach the 100 km/h mark. „This car is designed and produced to come up to the the individual demands of our customers“, company owner Uwe Gemballa explains.

On the basis of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo the body of the AERO 3 guarantees greatest driving pleasure in every driving situation. Especially the electronically controlled suspension of the GT 600 holds the Cayenne safely on the road in any situation. The corresponding deceleration of the GEMBALLA GT 600 AERO 3 is ensured by 380 mm brake disks with eight-piston-calipers at the front axle. At the rear axle four-piston-calipers with 330 mm brake disks are applied.

The new 22-inch wheels GEMBALLA RACING BLACK EDITION are adapted to the exclusiveness of the GEMBALLA GT 600 AERO 3 and complete the appearance of the GEMBALLA GT 600 AERO 3 perfectly. The Hot Country Cooling Kit, developed by GEMBALLA especially for the Cayenne, ensures an effective cooling of the transmission with the help of carbon disks which additionally reinforce the transmission unit.

A maximum of comfort and luxury is provided by the GEMBALLA DESIGN BICOLOR interior which is made of finest leather colored black and red. The roof line is manufactured of black Alcantara and the seats are also covered with this noble material in the colors black and red. Carpet and floor mats of the GEMBALLA GT 600 AERO 3 match as well. The indicating instruments framed in red are extremely noble and correspond to the overall view of the interior. Upon request the cutomer´s initials are inserted in silver letters. The GEMBALLA sports steering wheel is also manufactured in bicolor execution, black and red. The pedals are made from light aluminum.

Additionally to its noble interior the GEMBALLA GT 600 AERO 3 DESIGN BICOLOR is equipped with an extensive multimedia pack. It contains two 6.5 inch monitors inserted in the headrests of the front seats. Moreover the exclusive multimedia accessory comprises a DVD-changer.

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