Gemballa Mirage GT Carbon Edition
posted on: Feb 25, 2009 on category: Carrera GT

gemballa carrera mirage gt carbon Gemballa Mirage GT Carbon Edition
Gemballa has not yet finished with the Carrera GT. They’ve updated there website today to give us a glympse of the Gemballa Mirage GT ‘Carbon Edition’. There is very few details however apart from the fact that it has 670bhp and that it will do 335 km/h (208mph).

It’s claimed that it will also do 0–100 km/h (62mph) in 3.7 seconds (Stock 3.9) 0-200 km/h (124mph) in 9.7 seconds (Stock 9.9). We suspect that this Mirage will be lighter than the other through the use of Carbon Fibre and Ceramic Brakes.
Conversion based on 980 Carrera GT

carrera mirage carbon Gemballa Mirage GT Carbon Edition

670 HP / 630 NM
0–100 km/h in 3,7 sec. (Stock 3,9)
0-200 km/h in 9,7 sec. (Stock 9,9)
Vmax: >335 km/h


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