Hofele-Design Rivage GT 970 Panamera
posted on: Jul 7, 2010 on category: Panamera

Hofele Rivage GT 970 03 550x280 Hofele Design Rivage GT 970 Panamera
With this body kit Hofele-Design carries over the astonishing design lines by the Porsche designers and sharpens them even a bit more. This is the reason why Hofele does not use attachment parts but uses complete elements and bumpers which integrate themselves harmonically into to the original Porsche look without being a distraction.

Up front the bumper with even bigger and higher air vents, the distinctive front grill from the Cayenne Turbo and the LED-daytime running light / indicator element from the Panamera Turbo. Thanks to the big air vents the intercoolers, especially the intercoolers for the Turbo, and the brakes get more air supply.

Also very effective is the big rear spoiler which surrounds the original Panamera rear spoiler and gives the car more down force thanks to the bigger surface.

The side skirts give the car a more dynamic note which looks very good on the car. The rear bumper comes with a rear diffuser with an integrated central fog light. The diffuser has room for the combination with the serial exhaust system as well as for the combination with the Hofele 4-tube stainless steel sports muffler with sportive sound. In the middle area on the left and the right side of the bumper are two air vents with lamellas which break the “high tail” of the Panamera and make the rear more interesting. In this area an even wider look can be achieved by adding black colour.

All plastic parts are made of the highest-quality & heat resistant HPG material which received the grade “sehr gut” (A) by the German TUEV authorities and are being mounted to the original points of attachment on the Panamera. All parts are reversible.

For the Panamera Hofele offers wonderful and elegant wheels in 22“ from the K-Series. These wheels are a perfect match to the body kit. The Chrono-wheels are available in the dimension 10J x 22“.

Our electronically lowering module takes care of a low profile. On speeds over 80 km/h (50 mph) the module switches back to the serial height to give the suspension its full comfort and reserves on high speeds.

A very effective deceleration is reached through the high-speed sport brakes kit with six-piston brake calliper and perforated, inner-ventilated brake discs.

For the interior Hofele-Design offers a variety of different materials and colors to serve your individual wishes.


The fine art of technic and design!


Wow, can’t beleive i see a kit that actually truely improves on the orginal car design. A rare feat.

August 24, 2010

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