KW coilover kit for Porsche Cayenne II
posted on: May 27, 2011 on category: Cayenne

KW Porsche Cayenne KW coilover kit for Porsche Cayenne  II
The new KW Coilover gives the Porsche Cayenne II (2010 Model) an even more agile driving dynamics. At the same time, the riding comfort of the all wheel drive is increased.

Difficult tasks are for the KW engineers both a challenge and an objective. On the one hand the Cayenne II was meant to be much more agile but at the same time it was intended to raise the ride comfort to a new level. With the coilover Variant 3, the very experienced experts at KW logged again an outstanding success.

Both at low speeds and at high speeds on the Autobahn, the driving comfort reaches unimagined proportions. Especially the continuous-travel comfort and the harmonious coordination of the overall sports suspension are striking. In addition, the large Porsche zips nimble through tight curves.

The KW coilover suspension is factory-delivered with Cayenne II tuned damper characteristics. Thanks to the adjustable rebound and compression technology, Variant 3 permits all individual settings according to the preferences of the driver and the requirements of the route. This is independent of the continuous lowering of the TÜV-tested adjustment range between 35 and 70 millimetres.

Thanks to the production in stainless steel technology “inox-line”, the individual components of the KW coilover remain permanently flexible, even at a very sporty driving style or in winter conditions.

The KW coilover suspension Version 3 is now available for only 2699 Euro including VAT for all Porsche Cayenne Turbo II models except for the turbo models. As always, a complete pre-assembled chassis with pre-mounted struts, adjustable spring seats, mechanical stop, and dust protection system are part of the delivery program. Of course, a TÜV certificate for easy entry into the vehicle documents is always provided.


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