KW Hydraulic Lift System for sports cars
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kw hls lieferumfang scope of delivery KW Hydraulic Lift System for sports cars
With HLS (Hydraulic Lift System), KW automotive is now offering a further innovative technology that presents numerous advantages for owners of sporty vehicles. When fitted with HLS, it is possible to lift the vehicle, depending on the technical situation, by up to 45 mm, at least however by 30 mm.

This is particularly useful for vehicles with lowered suspensions and/or sports cars fitted with spoilers, cars with long overhangs or extremely low-swung cowlings. This is because vehicles such as these encounter problems when entering underground garages, ferries, car washes and driving over other obstacles. This accessory is also helpful when driving on extremely rough roads, through road works and when negotiating speed humps. Electronically lifting up the vehicle helps to prevent damage. It also makes super sports cars considerably more suitable for everyday use.

The HLS hydraulic lift system is installed in combination with a KW coilover suspension. For vehicles with a standard-fitted coilover suspension, such as for the Porsche GT3 and for the GT3 RS, KW offers a complete solution comprising springs and HLS. HLS is available in two different versions: HLS 2, which is installed on the front axle and HLS 4, which, upon request, can also be fitted on the rear axle, thus making it possible to lift up the entire vehicle. Since bellows are used to protect the hydraulic cylinder unit against stone chipping and dirt ingress, a long service life is assured. The ring cylinder unit is installed between the spring plate and spring.

kw hls porsche KW Hydraulic Lift System for sports cars

The pump unit is generally installed inside the spare wheel well. With HLS from KW automotive GmbH, it is possible to lift the vehicle electronically both when stationary and also when driving up to speeds of 80 km/h. At speeds over 80 km/h, the vehicle is automatically lowered to its standard level. This ensures that the vehicle aerodynamics are not affected in the higher speed range. When the car is parked up, the system also lowers the vehicle automatically and the electronic unit goes into “sleep mode”, so as not to run down the battery. HLS is operated by remote control, which means there is no need to lay cables inside the vehicle.

kw hls lowest level KW Hydraulic Lift System for sports cars

To date, the HLS 2 and HLS 4 innovative technology has been available exclusively for Ferrari and the Porsche Carrera GT from the KW partners Novitec and Manthey. HLS has been greeted with great enthusiasm by their customers. HLS is now also available for the entire 997 model range. Further vehicle-specific applications are already in the pipeline and are due to be launched onto the market over the coming months. Further information on HLS and the entire product range from KW automotive GmbH, comprising suspension springs, shock absorbers, sports and coilover suspensions, anti-roll bars and application lists, is available online at


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