Liberty Walk Body Kit For Porsche 997
posted on: Apr 3, 2016 on category: 911

997a 550x367 Liberty Walk Body Kit For Porsche 997

Liberty Walk Europe has announced full details and pricing of its aggressively styled bodykit for the Porsche 997. As the ultimate styling enhancement for this car, Liberty Walk’s unique style will appeal to enthusiasts looking to create the perfect show car and fashion statement. Once fitted and painted, this had to be one of the most exclusive looks for Porsche’s now truly affordable coupe, with immediate scene-status and traffic stopping ability coming as part of the package.

Kits are available in either Carbon Fibre or Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP) depending on the owner’s budget and preference. Both are identical in appearance, although some may prefer to leave the lighter carbon fibre in its naked form.

20150119LB031 550x367 Liberty Walk Body Kit For Porsche 997

Two kits are available, with a variance in rear wing styling. Owners can choose from either a more traditional ducktail design, or the big wing shown here. All include Front Bumper, Rear Diffuser, Rear Wing and a complete set of Wide Fenders.

The quality of the hand-finished mouldings is exceptional, making for a relatively straightforward fit for any accomplished body-shop. Once fitted, the end result is something truly spectacular, and particularly well augmented by a set of AirREX digitally adjustable air suspension to really get the 997 correctly stanced.

20150119LB022 550x367 Liberty Walk Body Kit For Porsche 997

Liberty Walk UK will have these kits usually available from stock for immediate delivery.

For more information on Liberty Walk UK products, please click to


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