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Techart : TECHART specializes in Porsche refinement consisting of aerodynamics and exterior design, automotive engineering and interior upgrades. The TECHART individualization programs cover every model in the Porsche range.

RUF: RUF Automobile GmbH is a producer of high-performance Porsche vehicles, specializing in the manufacturing of new vehciles from the bare chassis, conversions to RUF specifications and the performance enhancement and refinement of Porsche vehicles.

Gemballa : Customizing Porsches for 25 Years – producing some of the fastest and uniquely styled Porsches.

RENM performance: Together with world-leading engineering, performance and design companies, RENM offers unique, innovative and integrated tuning solutions for Porsche vehicles.

Sportec : High-end tuning programmes for Porsche, culminating in the SPR1, a benchmark in Porsche transformations.

9ff : Supply complete tuning programs for current Porsche models developed available with TÜV and guarantee.

FVD : your favorite source for Tuning, Accessories and Spare parts for all Porsche models. Service center and online store.

a-workx : a-workx is your professional partner for Porsche Tuning. More than 15 years of professional motorsport sets the basis for efficient performance tuning like coil over suspension setup, usage of light weight products and gain of engine power and performance.

Enthusiast websites : UK 911 online community

Other websites the web’s most comprehensive social networking community for automobile enthusiasts

Porsche Videos and reviews

general resources

RCG Auto:Nationwide auto transportation provider. Full line of low cost car shipping & logistics services to dealers, auctions, corporations & individuals. Rated “A” by the BBB.

Parts Geek: Porsche – High performance Porsche parts and accessories.

Modified Cars and Car Customization: For comprehensive and objective guides to modified cars, car modifications, car customization and engine tuning, with how-to guides on selecting and installing turbochargers, superchargers, NOS, exhaust systems, and other performance auto parts, as well as pimp my ride features.

Car Track Days: Find UK Track Days with a complete calendar list of UK tracks, circuits and experiences for sports cars, motorcycles, aeroplane’s and boats. automotive web directory


How do we get a price on your Agency Power 650 Turbo Kit Porsche 996TT

March 21, 2012
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