Manthey developes 4.4 l engine for 997 GT3 !
posted on: Feb 23, 2014 on category: 911

Motorentechnik Kolbensatz 01 550x412 Manthey developes 4.4 l engine for 997 GT3 !

Porsche performance specialist Manthey extends the supply of cubic capacity expansions by a new top aggregate for Porsche 997 GT3! The engine kit 530 is the strongest variant in the naturally aspirated engine portfolio of the record winner of the 24h Nürburgring for Porsche 997 GT3 models!

Manthey puts all the know how gained in many years of successful long-distance racing into the construction of these engines. These conversions are dedicated to owners of a street legal GT3 who wish a clear plus to performance, but do not want to run a turbo charged 911.

Manthey puts strongly after with the brand new 4.4 l liter engine: An increase of 80 Nm and up to 95 hp are the impressive results of engine construction by Manthey at their new power highlight at which the team from Meuspath among other things put a new and specifically developed Manthey crankshaft!

„A serious engine construction is classic skilled crafts and far more than reprogramming the mapping of a factory engine“, Olaf Manthey explains. It is important for the 24h record winner to state that the development of a MM improved performance from the idea up to the realization is carried out in house incl. engineering and testing: „We don’t buy any external know how!“ Pistons, cylinder sleeves and piston rings manufactured especially for Manthey cubic capacity expansions consistently are inserted. “The racing business is very much important because one can share his experiences in the high performance area with customers” underlines the 7-times winner of the 24h race at the Nürburgring and Le Mans. „Without Manthey-Racing MANTHEY MOTORS would not have any right to exist after our professional understanding.“

Moreover, the technical mentor of the 24h winner team is convinced that it makes much sense to prepare a 997 GT3 with an increase of capacity then to take the risk of a high loss while considering a younger model version: „Who is driving one of our engine kits in the rear of his GT3 knows that no other 911 can get dangerous in the near future so fast.“A plus of 35 hp and 35 Nm offers the alternatively offered „small” performance option for Porsche 911 GT3 of the 1st generation. Applications for GT3 racing versions are available, too.

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