Manthey presents 21” forged wheels for 981/991
posted on: Feb 23, 2014 on category: Parts

MM1 21 Zoll silber 02 550x366 Manthey presents 21” forged wheels for 981/991

With another variant for the model ranges 981 and 991 Manthey is enlarges its product portfolio of light forged wheels first launched in 2009! The most important feature besides the timeless design remains the aim of the reduction of the springless ones and rotating masses.

This reduction of the springless and rotating masses brings noticeable and clearly experienceable advantages for the driving dynamics! Manthey remains faithful to his striving for a pure performance without show effects with that. The MM1 named sports wheel family moreover offers a dynamic look and underlines the exclusiveness with

MM1 21 Zoll silber 03 550x366 Manthey presents 21” forged wheels for 981/991

The stiffness of the MM1 wheel family especially for users of slicks and semislick tyres has to be stressed as the load of the wheel increases strongly because the mechanical grip is a higher while using the car on a track.

“Like all products of our house, these 21 inch sports wheels were also tested on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring. We very simply owe this to the typical and clubsport oriented Manthey customer who very often takes his Porsche to tracks and sports drivers trainings”, Manthey emphasizes.

The ultralight MM1 sports wheels are offered in silver, graphite and black. The wheels of course are checked for the possible model ranges and protected with full technical approvals!


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