Milltek Sport releases Porsche Panamera Turbo Performance Exhaust System
posted on: Apr 17, 2012 on category: highlights, Panamera

Milltek Panamera Dead Rear Polished 550x397 Milltek Sport releases Porsche Panamera Turbo Performance Exhaust System
Respected exhaust manufacturer Milltek has released details of its latest metallurgic masterpiece; a hand-finished stainless steel exhaust system for Porsche’s ultimate GT, the Panamera Turbo.

Milltek has taken great care to maintain the dual personality that Porsche has carefully engineered into the car, and has exploited the latest construction and material techniques to endow the car with the best of both worlds; a relaxed and refined demeanour for motorway cruising, balanced with a superbly sporty growl under load and when driving hard.

This is achieved with the use of several OEM-level engineering solutions. The system itself is based around the very highest quality non-magnetic stainless steel and uses a consistent 70mm bore and CNC mandrel bends for optimum flow. The Milltek system bolts directly to the factory catalysts and deletes the centre silencers to maximise gasflow. During testing, this design was found to reduce back pressure from 250 millibars to just 60. Custom-formed endplates and teardrop-section silencers at the rear of the vehicle then enhance the harmonics of the system to give simply glorious acoustics – when required, of course.

Milltek Panamera Three Quater Black Tips 550x365 Milltek Sport releases Porsche Panamera Turbo Performance Exhaust System

The use of precision engineered ‘active valves’ is the real secret to the Milltek’s ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ persona. Cruising off the throttle sees the valves shut, resulting in factory noise levels, a total lack of cabin resonance and a truly cosseting driving experience. However, should the mood take you to drive a little more ‘enthusiastically’, the valves will open accordingly, allowing the Panamera to breathe more freely and giving the engine note a divine V8 bellow that reflects its true heritage.

Two versions are available and both fit both the Turbo and Turbo S variants of the Panamera. The ‘Cup’ system offers the ultimate GT experience and maximum performance, whilst the forthcoming ‘Euro’ system will be fully homologated and appropriately accredited. Both offer the ability to handle a proven 700 bhp with ease.

Milltek Panamera Titanium Close Up 550x365 Milltek Sport releases Porsche Panamera Turbo Performance Exhaust System

As ever, aesthetics have been a major factor in Milltek’s design process, so choose from 100mm ‘GT’ trim tips in Ink Black, mirror polished or Titanium. The trims were carefully designed to fit precisely into the factory bumper apertures, offering a subtle increase in visual aggression, without looking overly modified. In all cases, every system has been conceived, developed and engineered here in the UK.

The RRP has yet to be decided, but will be commensurate with the rest of the Milltek prestige range.

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