More than 20 Years of TECHART Automobildesign
posted on: Jun 17, 2008 on category: Porsche Tuners

techart More than 20 Years of TECHART Automobildesign
Turning something extraordinary into something unique needs a sense of design and great workmanship. It needs years of motorsport experience and perfect engineering. And it needs finest materials as well as a premium level of manufacturing quality. But most of all, it needs passion.

At TECHART, this passion burns since 1987. TECHART has been a recognized vehicle manufacturer for years, globally indentified by its own WMI number. And still today, TECHART sets the pattern in individualizing Porsche automobiles and has established as the international premium brand in this segment. In the fields of aerodynamics and exterior design, automotive engineering as well as interior refinement at the in-house saddlery, the TECHART individualization programs cover the whole model range of Porsche.

police car techart More than 20 Years of TECHART Automobildesign

Every day, TECHART manufactures tailor made and handcrafted masterpieces. Select materials and colors are the basis on which the personal taste of each individual customer turns into reality. Whether to accentuate details or to create an entirely bespoke vehicle, TECHART does not set any limits to the feasible.

The high demands which characterize the brand TECHART include a comprehensive TÜV and ISO 9001 certified technology program, planned and realized by the TECHART development engineers and designers. From the first drafts and prototypes to the finished product. High-grade raw materials and manufacturing processes, strict quality surveillance and extensive safety tests make sure that every single product deserves the title TECHART.

Creating Custom and Exclusive Automobiles Since 1987

On April 2nd, 1987 Thomas Behringer and Matthias Krauß laid the foundation for a brand that since has become synonymous with individuality, sporty character and exclusive customization. Already back then TECHART products stood for great value made by hand. The small business manufactured luxurious interiors for vehicles from Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Just two short years later the company specialized in and focused on Porsche automobiles exclusively and developed a comprehensive product lineup: Engine building, aerodynamic-enhancement development, model building, car body manufacturing, design and upholstery shop – everything under one roof.

porsche techart More than 20 Years of TECHART Automobildesign

Today TECHART sets the standards when it comes to customizing Porsche vehicles. TECHART is an internationally registered vehicle manufacturer and is firmly established worldwide as a top brand in the premium market segment. The most successful model in the history of TECHART is the TECHART MAGNUM with up to 600 hp / 441 kW and a top speed of around 300 km/h. More than 400 of these sporty SUVs based on the Porsche Cayenne have been delivered to customers so far.

Then and now the pivot point of the TECHART brand is its strong emphasis on top quality. That includes an extensive and comprehensive TÜV-tested technology program. Its components are planned, designed and implemented entirely by TECHART development engineers, designers and technicians, from the first sketches to the first prototypes to the finished products. Certified development processes, the use of high-quality raw materials and state-of-the-art production technologies, stringent quality monitoring and safety inspections guarantee that every single product deserves to carry the TECHART badge.

TECHART customization programs are available for all Porsche models and cover the entire spectrum of building exclusive automobiles: Aerodynamic-enhancement and interior designs, wheels, chassis, engine tuning and technological optimization in all vehicle areas, interior refinements created by hand in the company-own upholstery shop.

20 years techart More than 20 Years of TECHART Automobildesign

Every day 75 team members in Leonberg turn automotive dreams ‘made in Germany’ into reality. Every year more than 300 vehicles are built in these production facilities alone. Leonberg is also the center of the worldwide parts distribution network that quickly and efficiently supplies Porsche dealers, TECHART importers and centers and ultimately TECHART customers around the world with the stuff TECHART dreams are made of.


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