Motorsports wheel for Porsche with central locking
posted on: Oct 4, 2010 on category: Parts

Cargraphic MotorsportZV VA 550x366 Motorsports wheel for Porsche with central locking
Even for road wheels it is simply not enough to just look good. But the pressures of racing are in another league. For this ruthless environment Cargraphic have designed their new wheels with the telling name Motorsport. The 18 and 19 inch rims come with central locking and are available for all Porsche vehicles including the current GT3. Racing wheels have a long tradition at Cargraphic, who celebrate their 25th anniversary in 2010. Unlike the majority of professional vehicle tuners, Cargraphic still produce their wheels in-house in Germany right down to the last screw, which means they can implement their constructive ideas precisely.

This becomes especially relevant in motor racing with its extremely high requirements for lightweight construction and structural strength. Because wheels are revolving unsprung mass, every extra gramme is felt immediately in several ways. Rigid chassis and tyres with minimal damping also provide a tough endurance test for the rims. That is why Cargraphic fit their racing models with reinforced cast aluminium inner beds and a strong rotation-forged, heat-treated centre as standard.

The layout is also ideal for racing. Cargraphic offer wheel centres in different sizes for the front and rear axles to enable optimal operation of big braking systems. Thinner spokes also let in the maximum amount of cool air.

The racing rims are suitable for almost all Porsches with central locking as a result of clever modular styling: variable offsets mean they can be fitted on wide-bodied vehicles just as easily as on those with a narrower silhouette. Cargraphic Motorsports wheels look just as good on older racing cars as on modern ones thanks to a timeless design with Y- and U-shaped spokes and a wide rim centre.


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