New Porsche Cayenne Lowering Module from Switzer
posted on: Dec 10, 2009 on category: Cayenne

pr dlm 6 550x366 New Porsche Cayenne Lowering Module from Switzer
Switzer Performance has just released a new, next-generation digital lowering module for Cayenne models equipped with Porsche’s Adaptive air suspension that offers a number of innovative new features and benefits not not available on other modules:

* easy, no cutting/no splicing installation (totally reversible!)
* impact-resistant shell is durable and 100% waterproof
* USB connectivity (for PC) for millimeter precision
* save multiple settings (ex: street/strip/track)

Best known for its mega-horsepower project cars and 800+ hp tuning programs for Porsche 911 Turbos, Switzer didn’t simply re-brand existing technology – this is an all-new lowering module,” explains Tym Switzer. “Like all of our products, we wanted to come to market with something that raises the game, and not just re-invent the wheel. This product is 100% digital, uses advanced processing power to constantly communicate with the car’s electronics, and doesn’t require any cutting or splicing of the car’s suspension wiring – cutting into the wiring of a brand-new $150,000 Porsche is probably something people want to avoid!”

Adjusting the ride height with Switzer’s lowering module is easy as well, with an intuitive interface that allows users to raise and lower each wheel individually for a custom “rake”, or all at once to quickly “slam” the car to a ride height over 50 mm lower than the lowest stock setting. There is even a “saved settings” feature that allows users to save settings. “Customers can lower just the rear for better weight transfer at a drag strip, or even use corner weights to set the the cars up for PCA events at different tracks.”

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March 23, 2010

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