Öhlins Releases New Porsche Suspension Upgrades for 996 and 997 Models
posted on: May 5, 2012 on category: 911

Ohlins Porsche 997 Detail 550x366 Öhlins Releases New Porsche Suspension Upgrades for 996 and 997 Models
Owners of selected Porsche 996 and 997 models now have additional cause to celebrate, thanks to respected suspension manufacturer Öhlins creating a bespoke suspension upgrade programme for the Carrera and GT variants of these superb cars.

Having long been regarded as the benchmark in high-performance road and track suspension across a wide range of performance and tuner cars, the Road and Track range brings Öhlins unparalleled competition knowledge and peerless build quality to the Porsche marque. Owners of the 996 Carrera and GT3 models, as well as the much vaunted 997 Carrera already know a thing or two about handling finesse, but the Öhlins kit allows dedicated drivers and true enthusiasts to really test the limits of these capable cars – as well as finally solving the puzzle of how to achieve a truly comfortable ride from competition-quality units.

Stuttgart’s finest exports make a superb blank canvas with which to enjoy the artistry of Öhlins hand-finished damper units. Each damper uses the very latest motorsport-derived material choice and manufacturing techniques to offer superb longevity, exceptional performance and infinite adjustability.

Ohlins Porsche 997 Adjuster 550x366 Öhlins Releases New Porsche Suspension Upgrades for 996 and 997 Models

Although both front and rear coilovers follow a loosely conventional shock absorber design, this is where all similarities to other commercially available contemporaries end. With single bleed and preload adjustment, the Öhlins units also feature inbuilt height adjustment. Build quality is exceptional, with carbon-steel bodies and flawlessly anodised detailing. Öhlins pioneering dual-flow valve technology means that despite their lighter weight and slim-line profile, the Road and Track kit responds to road undulations in exactly the same manner as a traditional Macpherson strut set-up. The use of needle valves in the damping unit also means that even when the oil becomes hot after a hard session on the circuit or ‘B’ road, the damping rate is kept absolutely consistent, even when the viscosity of the damping fluid changes. Better still, the Öhlins units keep height adjustment separate from spring seat adjustment, ensuring that spring rate is kept constant, throughout the full range of suspension travel.

Height adjustment is achieved by simple adjustment of the precision-machined threaded body. Compression and rebound are tweaked simultaneously in one simple twist of the easily accessible knurled knob; allowing the daily commute to be clicked off with OEM smoothness. However, after a few seconds of adjustment, track days can be dispatched with racecar precision. Both front and rear units feature full dust and weather protection, making them the ideal upgrade for cars that are used in all seasons. Being designed for one of the harshest of European climates, the Öhlins dampers have been proven to surpass the gruelling ISO 9227 Salt Spray test, making them the ideal fitment for cars that are enjoyed in the ‘real world’ and for 12 months of the year.

Ohlins Porsche 997 Rear 550x366 Öhlins Releases New Porsche Suspension Upgrades for 996 and 997 Models

This unparalleled quality helps to explain Öhlins 2 year warranty and thanks to their racing heritage, each unit is fully serviceable and even upgradeable, should requirements or car specs change. Remove your interior and strip out for weight? No problem. The units can be revalved and changed, as well as being able to accommodate a wide variety of proprietary aftermarket springs for cars that spend more time on track and require a custom spring rate.

For more information on this kit, please click to www.roadandtrackbyÖhlins.com



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