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Omix Ada Sensor 550x367 Omix Ada Sensor

A crankshaft position sensor keeps the details on how fast your vehicle’s crankshaft is spinning. This pace is then utilized by your car’s inbuilt computer for the correct ignition and fuel injection. There are two parts in the sensor; the sensor that remains in place and a disc which rotates.

Hall Effect

The most common sensor type is Omix-Ada 1722002 17220.02 Sensor. Its functions are based on the Hall Effect that uses a magnet. Most of the failure signs resemble problems that any other part develops when it fails. Most times it may take you multiple tries to know that it is your crankshaft sensor that is the root of the problem.

Check engine light

This can be annoying since the check engine light turns on for several different things. Your auto mechanic will have to check your vehicle’s internal computer to know that the crankshaft sensor has failed. Often the check engine light might go off while the vehicle is running. However, when you start it again after turning it off for some time, the check engine light may turn off again. This problem is associated with high heat levels. When the car has cooled down, it functions again.

Cylinder misfiring

If any of your cylinders misfires, it is most likely to cause problems. Most times, the cylinder misfiring is a result of problems with your cars sparks plugs , but in case the sensor does fail, your internal computer isn’t getting the right information concerning the piston position.

Problems persist

Most drivers or car owners don’t check the crankshaft sensor, but if everything else is fixed and the problem persists you must check the sensor. Have your mechanic replace it with Omix-Ada 1722002 17220.02 Sensor to fix the entire problem once and for all.

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