Pamela Anderson comes to Monaco to see GEMBALLA diamond car finish
posted on: Apr 20, 2012 on category: 911

GEMBALLA Pamela Pamela Anderson comes to Monaco to see GEMBALLA diamond car finish
This weekend, cover queen Pamela Anderson will use a business trip to Monaco to also have a look at some extraordinary jewellery at the Top Marques Supercar Show. Andreas Schwarz, CEO of the German car manufacturer GEMBALLA, will show her some diamonds that are certainly not only a girl’s best friend. Of course, it’s not about a ring or a necklace – the famous customizing company presents a new car finish made up of real gems. “This is a real world premiere and almost certainly the most exclusive paintwork on this planet”, Andreas Schwarz ascertains.

As an attractive woman Pamela Anderson likes both jewels and extraordinary vehicles. „Fast cars and fast women go together“, she once told a big newspaper. In 2012 the former Baywatch star even founded her own racing team, although she won’t get behind the wheel herself. However, we can be sure that Miss Anderson will also have a look at the four amazing cars GEMBALLA presents in Monaco. They are very compelling from every point of view, no matter if you are the driver or the passenger.


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