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posted on: Sep 24, 2008 on category: Panamera

porsche panamera 9ff Panamera tuning
Last week, Porsche teased the whole world with a partial front side view of the Panamera. The German based Porsche tuner 9ff is already busy preparing a program to tune the new Porsche model.

Naturally, 9ff has had many spy photos to reference for their preliminary designs, but the final Panamera design details are still a mystery. So it’s no surprise that 9ff have only added minor alterations to the somewhat blank Panamera canvas with the addition of signature 9ff wheels and a rear bumper diffuser with integrated trapezoidal dual exhaust pipes.

porsche panamera tuning 9ff Panamera tuning


Jeez, what a beauty! I like the look even more than the 911er Porsches – the rear end makes it nearly look like some gangster-type 1950 car. Nice one, russelsheim!

April 5, 2009

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