Pocket Classics christmas presents
posted on: Nov 17, 2010 on category: Parts

pocket classics Pocket Classics christmas presents
Pocket Classics have launched a range of miniature classic cars for kids and adults. The cars are half-size tributes to such classics as the Porsche 356 Speedster, the Jaguar E-Type, the Mercedes 300SL, the Willys Jeep and the Bugatti Type-35.

Each car is handmade, taking in excess of 450 hours to craft. Powered by 110cc petrol or electric motors, the cars are capable of speeds up to 46mph.

There are just 5 cars available for sale before the end of 2010, after which build slots are available for 2011. Cars can be built to a buyer’s exact specification with any combination of interior and exterior colour.

pocket classics christmas gifts Pocket Classics christmas presents

Designed for kids but they will fit adults. These cars would make a great Christmas present.

For more information visit www.pocketclassics.co.uk


That’s so cute, I’d like to see a person standing next to it to get a better idea of what half size is really like.

December 2, 2010

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