Porsche Cayenne Cayster GT 670
posted on: May 9, 2012 on category: Cayenne

porsche cayenne hofele design 7 550x368 Porsche Cayenne Cayster GT 670Hofele Design has introduced an updated Cayster GT 670 styling package. With its new 14-piece body kit Hofele-Design turns the Cayenne II into the “Cayster GT 670”. The original front bumper is replaced by a new styled bumper with bigger air vents and new design line. Part of the kit are emotional wheel arch extensions and a newly styled rear apron diffuser. Another strong design element are the 4-tube stainless steel tailpipes in the style of “interlaced double oval”.

The interaction of these 4-tube tailpipes with the wider diffuser rear apron makes the rear of the Cayenne look very powerful. The original trailer coupling / tow hitch can be used along the body kit without any problems.

The Hofele body kit parts are simply fitted at the original fixing points or glued onto the car without any changes and can be used for all Cayenne models, incl. the Turbo version. Inside, the cabin is furnished with two-tone “StarLight” leather seats with quilted accents and Hofele logos on the headrests.

porsche cayenne hofele design 4 550x368 Porsche Cayenne Cayster GT 670

Customers can also order 20- / 22-inch alloy wheels and an electronic lowering module that reduces the ride height. The electric lowering module lowers and lifts the Cayenne with air suspension speed-related. While standing and up to a speed of 70 km/h the car is lowered up to 40mm. On speeds over 71 km/h the module is deactivated to retain the serial height to give the chassis its full comfort and reserves on high speeds.

Under the hood, the Cayenne 3.0 TDI V6 can be tuned to produce 300 PS (221 kW / 296 hp) and 650 Nm (479 lb-ft) of torque – an increase of 55 PS (40 kW / 55 hp) and 100 Nm (74 lb-ft). The Cayenne S Hybrid can also be upgraded to develop 481 PS (354 kW / 474 hp) and 737 Nm (543 lb-ft) of torque – an increase of 101 PS (74 kW / 100 hp) and 157 Nm (116 lb-ft).

porsche cayenne hofele design 13 550x347 Porsche Cayenne Cayster GT 670

In the interior Hofele-Design indulges with their own “Bi-Colour” leather design “Star-Light”. The bi-colour “StarLight” leather interior has the Hofele-Design style with inserted leather crest, quilted elements and offset decorative stitching.


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