Porsche OEM 996 GT2 Intercoolers
posted on: Dec 8, 2007 on category: 911

g2intercoolers Porsche OEM 996 GT2 Intercoolers FastCarPro now has available on their catalogue the original Porsche OEM GT2 intercoolers for your 996 Turbo from 01-05.

These intercoolers are used as an upgrade from the standard intercoolers that come on the base 996TT. The GT2 intercoolers are ideal for higher horsepower cars running 1.2bar or more. The GT2 intercoolers offer better cooling compared to the standard ones. They fit in direct replacement with no modifications necessary. These intercoolers are sold as a pair.

Original Porsche part numbers are 99611098971 and 99611099071. You can find more details about these parts and pricing here.


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