Porsche Panamera by Mcchip
posted on: Nov 16, 2009 on category: Panamera

panamera mr chip dyno 550x366 Porsche Panamera by Mcchip
There is chiptuning and there is chiptuning. Each car has different performance characteristics whose improvement mcchip-dkr individually develops day-to-day.

mcchip-dkr provides a performance of 550 hp and vigorous 775 Nm to the new series from Zuffenhausen (series performance 500 hp and 700 Nm). Concerning the Sportchrono-Version with 770Nm the torque is even raised up to 845Nm. The performance is available over the complete rmp-range. The final velocity also increases about 8 km/h. Thus the Panamera achieves 311 km/h. The tuning at mcchip-dkr costs 1499,00 Euro.

Responsible for the contact to the street is a wheel set (7.969,00 Euro) in 9×22 and 10,5×22 from Cargraphic with high performance tires from Continental labeled 265/30 R22 and 305/25 R22. Alternatively available are Dunlop Sport tires (wheel set with tires from Dunlop 8.089,00 Euro) in size 265/30 R22 and 295/25 R22.

The surcharge for the finishing of the rim stars in semi matte is 179,00 Euro per tire!


This looks like a real monster car and I would love to make a drive with it. On the other hand one needs a fat wallet to pay all the speed tickets 🙂

Linda Mirano
November 17, 2009

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