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posted on: Jan 28, 2010 on category: 911

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Right at the start of the New Year, PRIOR-Design presented its latest aerodynamic achievement. The goal of the new aerodynamic package wasn’t to reinvent the wheel. The motto was actually complete perfection. With this aim in mind, the PRIOR designers have succeeded in a reinterpretation of the Porsche 911 GT3, which has changed it from being a ‘straightforward’ sports car into an exclusive super sports car – the Porsche 911 PD3!

In detail: thanks to its design, the revised front section ensures an improved supply of fresh air as well as improved levels of downforce. The single most important factor behind these results is the revised dispersal of the air flows through the carbon spoiler blade and the carbon inlets. With the help of the sd-value enhancing sills, the side line of the GT3 is guided seamlessly to the rear, ending at a rear section which is also new. Along with its visuals, the rear section also offers advantages in terms of driving stability and air supply. These improvements have been achieved by a diffusor which contains two integrated carbon fins. The end of the muffler is completely enclosed, which additionally optimises the aerodynamic attributes. Air inlets which are positioned on the left and the right, are additionally strengthened with two carbon inlets. The GT3 wing, designed in Stuttgart, was judged to be sound by the PRIOR-Design team and therefore remains unchanged. The materials used in the 911 PD3 aerodynamics programme correspond with PRIOR-Design’s latest technological advances. A newly developed carbon-flex fibre glass composite was used, which both saves weight at the same time as offering a maximum level of strength and sufficient flexibility. This means that the necessary level of stability is guaranteed at speeds both up to and beyond 300 km/h.

To convey a genuine feeling of individuality and perfection, along with the aerodynamic and visual aspects, it was necessary for the subjective vehicles dynamic feeling in the form of noise and handling characteristics to be completed. This also includes the option of an in-house designed, hand-made stainless steel exhaust system, which in addition to a positive performance development also offers the driver a virtuoso driving experience over the full rev range, all the way up to 8,400 revs/min.

In addition to this, an ultra light, multi-section forged wheel that has been developed according to the toughest requirements is also available. This can be developed in a choice of different dimensions on the basis of customer request, and due to its variable size, offers an improved distribution of performance and road handling. The adapted chassis means that the body is now some 30 millimetres closer to the road surface, and the deeper centre of gravity that results improves both the handling and feedback of the vehicle without compromising the levels of driving comfort in any way.

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