RENM Performance super cars
posted on: Jul 15, 2010 on category: videos

porsche renm RENM Performance super cars
RENM performance was formed with an objective: improve the performance of each vehicle without compromising design, safety, reliability, and driveability. Their focus is on the improvement and individualization of performance cars. We like their website and their two new videos are impressive.

RENM performance research and development – features Bugatti Veyron testing, Audi R8 24 hour racing at Nurburgring, Bilstein Porsche 997 Turbo and BMW E90 M3 research and development at Papenburg.

RENM concepts aim to improve the performance, design and dynamics of each car in a distinct and unique way. This is achieved through integrated, balanced performance combined with visual understatement.

Their design, development and sales division is based in Melbourne, Australia, and they have partners and dealers operating world-wide.


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