Revo Technik for the Porsche 997 Turbo
posted on: Mar 23, 2008 on category: 911

revo Revo Technik for the Porsche 997 Turbo
Following months of extensive development and testing, Revo Technik has just released their latest performance software for the Porsche 997 turbo. The new software delivers gains of up to 50bhp (37kW) and 120ftlb (163Nm), depending on set up. The Revo tuning team has focussed on drivability and overall performance, rather than chasing dyno numbers.

Revo performance software shows gains across the entire rev range, delivering smooth acceleration and incredible performance from the word ‘GO’ to redline. Make no mistake however, the power increase is profound.

The Team is particularly pleased with the range and flexibility the new performance software possesses. A smooth useable performance, be it at lower boost settings or set to literally breathtaking maximum power delivery, at high boost settings. When combined with additional hardware upgrades, such as a high flow exhaust, Revo software can truly release the full potential of the 997T.

Revo Technik’s exclusive adjustability means the vehicle can be set up to suit differing driving conditions, fuel quality and modifications. With fully adjustable boost, timing and air / fuel parameters, your Revo dealer can custom tune the programming for your unique preferences or driving requirements. Want to take control in your own hands? Purchase a Select Plus switch to adjust these same parameters and verify your settings with our exclusive data acquisition feature. With it you can monitor the performance related variables to make certain your car is running at optimal performance levels. Once confirmed, store these presets in the 3 user programmable modes and access them anytime or anywhere in a matter of seconds. The Select Plus also offers valet and anti-theft modes for additional safety and personalization options. But don’t take our word for it, see what our customers are saying…

*the acceleration is incredible…’ Tim D, Los Angeles CA
*its ferocious, I was pinned to my seat!’ Duncan R, Manchester England
*The standard car is special, but with Revo software it really is taken to another level.’ Greg M, Stanford CT
*The car took off so quickly, I couldn’t breathe until the shift to 3rd gear!….’ George O., Asheville NC

Full performance details can be found on revotechnik. Detailed dyno graphs are available from your local Revo dealer.



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