Rinspeed Indy based on Porsche 997 Carrera S
posted on: Sep 8, 2005 on category: 911

Rinspeed Porsche Indy 997 Carrera S 2005 800x600 wallpaper 01 550x412 Rinspeed Indy based on Porsche 997 Carrera S
Following the traditional colours of the American oval and F1 race track at Indianapolis and the respective racing series, the renown Swiss Porsche tuner Rinspeed has – in cooperation with the internationally active paint produces Lesonal – restyled and repainted the
Porsche 997 in the extraordinary colour white metallic. A colour which is also well connected to the Porsche factory and which will set a new trend for the coming years.

In the spirit of this racing tradition, the newly designed complete front skirt/bumper, side skirts, rear wing and rear skirt/bumper with integrated diffuser give the Porsche 997 not only an unmistakeable visual difference, but optimize the aerodynamical down force as well.

The four way adjustable coil-over suspension with individual height and stiffness settings lower the Rinspeed Indy by 35mm (1.4″). Two piece five-spoke aluminium wheels of the dimension 8.5×19 inches in front and 11×19 inches on the rear axle with Continental SportContact 2 tires of the sizes 235/35 and 315/25 ensure an ideal grip in turns and while accelerating or braking. The high performance eight piston brake system with front rotors in the dimension of 380mm x 32mm (15.25″ by 1.25″) axle are a tight fit within the wheel openings. The rear axle is not neglected by being fitted with 355m x 32mm (14″ by 1.25″) rotors.

The interior was left purposely very spartanic by the Swiss tuners to follow the original RS philosophy. The factory comfort seats have been exchanged with bucket seats which are colour matched on their back to the the outside body. The rear seats are deleted as a part of the Indy package as well. In order to steer the Porsche 997 even more precisely, the ergonomically formed steering wheel and the shifting knob are covered with Alcantara.

All parts are avaialable at accessories outlets and selected Porsche dealers.


i’ve ordered the new facelifted carrera 2008.

can i install the lemans 600 body kit on it ?
if yes, where can i buy it?

June 14, 2007

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