SamcoSport Launches New Porsche 996 Turbo Kit
posted on: Mar 8, 2011 on category: Parts

SamcoSport, the silicone hose manufacturer has released a new kit for many of the vast range of 996 Turbo variants. The Stuttgart storm-trooper has long been a tuner and track day favourite and these new parts provide a fit-and-forget upgrade, irrespective of whether the recipient car is running stock or increased levels of boost. The kit covers the 996 Twin Turbo, X50, GT2 and Turbo S models.

All of the kits are hand-made from high grade of silicone and individually reinforced to cope with the rigours of the high-performance motor. Having proven their worth on everything from F1 downwards, the SamcoSport kits are up to the job on even the most highly tuned motors. This particular kit features custom machined alloy inserts, complete with positive location to ensure a factory fit that won’t blow-off or collapse under any level of boost.

SamcoSport Porsche 996 Turbo Hoses SamcoSport Launches New Porsche 996 Turbo Kit

The five piece turbo kit is shown here is new Viper colour. 15 colours are available, including custom camouflage and ‘Blaze’ combinations.


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