Sportec Carbon parts for 997
posted on: Jun 7, 2011 on category: 911

икониSwiss tuner Sportec now offers a large range of carbon components for your Porsche. Cars like the Porsche 997 GT2 has already a nice collection of different parts, whether just coated or made entirely of carbon.

Carbon fibres are more rigid, sturdier and, above all, much lighter than comparable metallic materials used for construction. With regard to its molecular structure, carbon is closely related to the diamond – which has fascinated mankind since time immemorial.

carbon trim 997 550x366 Sportec Carbon parts for 997

The reasons for the fact that carbon has been shrouded by mystery from the very beginning are quite obvious. The material was first used in spaceflight and then in military engineering before it found its way to the world of auto racing.

Therefore, the carbon look – which, by now, is also used inside the cockpits of a great number of luxury automobiles – provides any vehicle with a particularly sporty and precious touch.

sportec carbon trim 550x366 Sportec Carbon parts for 997

The 997 GT2 carbon range already includes: steering wheel, trims, shift knob, air intake, spoilers, mirror covers, etc. For more information go to Sportec.


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