Sportec SPR1
posted on: Mar 7, 2006 on category: 911

sportec spr1 m 1 550x354 Sportec SPR1
It is our professed aim to provide people with a very special kind of mobility. In order to reach this goal, we make use of all our experience and any types of technology – to define new limits of what is possible.

A classic sports car design committed to functionality and being full of emotions constitutes the framework for innovative technologies.

The sports car’s heart is situated inside the rear end: A flat engine featuring more than 800hp. This power allows performance ratings high above the possibilities of comparable sports cars. Thus, the coupé sprints to 100km/h in 3.0 seconds, to 200km/h in 8.7 seconds and si capable of a top speed far above 380km/h.

Specially manufactured drive components and axles transfer the existing force surely to the road surface. The electrically adjustable high-performance chassis adapts itself to any requirements at the push of a button. Thereby, the driver benefits from a high degree of safety at high speeds and may enjoy convenient travelling during short or long trips. Beneath the ultra-light and classy forged rims of the classic Sportec design, a luxuriously dimensioned brake system is waiting for the customer. The negative acceleration corresponds to a stopping distance shorter than 36 metres after a speed of 100km/h.

sportec spr1 m 550x343 Sportec SPR1

Inside, the customer finds a clear sports car design according to the highest quality of manufacturing and material. The furnishing will be tailored entirely to the wishes of the customer who will benefit from the advice of specially trained consultants while making his choice.

The variety of possible combinations and the strict limitation to ten vehicles make each SPR1 a unique specimen. This guarantees the highest degree of exclusiveness.

The SPR1 – our commitment to the desire of reaching the unreachable ideal and of achieving the maximum possible in favour our customers.


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