Stephan Pellegrini’s modified Porsche 911
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porsche VR996CT 1 Stephan Pellegrini’s modified Porsche 911
Stephan Pellegrini’s is the lucky owner of this highly modified 1999 Porsche 911 C4. Originally purchased as an inexpensive fun car to drive between his deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan his stock 3.4L quickly grew to a lethal sleeper.

At first he tried all the bolts on, Cold Air Intake, Cat-Deletes, Aftermarket Mufflers, ECU Re-flash but still left something was missing. At 106,000 miles, Stephan decided to transform this stock 3.4L to one of the most heavily modified 996 Sleepers we have ever seen.

porsche VR996CT Stephan Pellegrini’s modified Porsche 911

The 911r has received extensive modification from Vivid Racing in Gilbert, AZ and Gilson Motorsports in Royal Oak, MI to create a 470hp & 430ft/tq Methanol Monster, the most performace moddifed 3.4L 996 in North America.

The factory 3.4L was stripped down to bare block. Almost every single engine component was replaced or upgraded. The engine was reassembled using APR Full Stud Kit and a LN Engineering Dual Row IMS Kit, then the team at Vivid Racing mated their VR996CT Turbo Kit to the engine pushing in 5.5lbs of boost feed by a 62mm Turbocharger, 60lbs Injectors, 40mm Wastegate and Turbo Smart eBoost Controller then flashed by Softronics Tuning pushing the cars horsepower to 452hp without Methanol.

porsche VR996CT 17 Stephan Pellegrini’s modified Porsche 911

To help combat detonation issues he followed up with installing a AEM Water/Methanol Injection System using a 630cc Injector to spray a Methanol Mix directly into his intake, supplied by a 5 gallon Methanol tank this 996 produced 402hp to the wheels and 368ft/tq. With a 17% loss through the drive-train that translate to 470hp with 430ft/tq at the crank.

Many considerations were taken into account during building the vehicle, Stephan’s goals were Reliability, Speed and Handling, so a LN Engineering 160 Thermostat and a GT3 Radiator kit was installed ensuring the car would run cool under the most demanding of situation.

porsche VR996CT 10 Stephan Pellegrini’s modified Porsche 911

To handle the 402hp to the wheels, a AASCO Light-Weight Flywheel was added, mated to a Sachs SRE 500hp Clutch and a Porsche Short Shifter.

Each wheel is wrapped in Michelin 225 & 265 Pilot Sports A/S tires; however the vehicles all-wheel-drive burn outs are quickly leading Stephan to upgrade to 245 and 315 tires.

Most stock 996 owners can contest to the prevalent floating feeling of their car at high speed. Stephan solved that with a ROW M030 Suspension kit from Suncoast Porsche in Florida, replacing all 4 struts, springs, sway bars and new bushings. Stephan says the difference in handling was vast, the car handles like a brand new 911 at a third of the price.

porsche VR996CT 8 Stephan Pellegrini’s modified Porsche 911

The interior received attention also, the factory seats were removed to make way for a Vivid Racing Roll Cage, Sparco EVO Plus 2 Seats and Sparco 6 Point Harnesses. A set of fire extinguishers were added for safety.

Though the beautiful hum of 470hp is music by itself, Stephan added a Kenwood DNX7100 Head Unit with Garmin Navigation, JL Audio 6″ Evolution speakers in the dash, 6.5″ JL Audio Evolution speakers in the doors, JL Audio 500.5 amp cleanly mounted in the front trunk pushing 3 JL Audio 8″ Subwoofers in a custom box.

porsche VR996CT 13 Stephan Pellegrini’s modified Porsche 911

Exterior has been complimented with LED Tail-Lights, LED 3rd Brake Light and Clear Side Markers. Stephan had selected several body kits and was prepared to do a full GT Street RS conversion but then boldly chose to leave the exterior stock, creating a “Sleeper”, many of unexpecting challengers have pulled up next to him expecting a 296hp M96 only to quickly realize this Methanol Turbo Monster is pushing 470HP, turning low 12 second 1/4 miles and 4.2 second 0-60 times on stock tires.

With street/drag tires the engine was built to run in the low/mid 11’s and 0-60 times under 4.0 seconds.

The car can be seen in action on under VR996CT.

1999 Porsche 911 C4 AWD VR996CT

1) Fully Rebuilt Engine w/APR Stud Kits for Head and Block.
2) New reworked Cylinder Head
3) Vivid Racing VR996CT Turbo Kit (Precision 62mm Turbo, 60lbs Injectors, Turbosmart 40mm Wastegate, Turbosmart eBoost Controller)
4) AEM Water/Methanol Injection (50/50% Water & Methanol)/ Using 630cc Injector Nozzle.
5) AASCO Light Weight Flywheel
6) SACHS SRE Clutch
7) GT3 3rd Radiator
8) LN Engineering 160 Thermostat
9) LN Engineering Dual Row IMS
10) ROW M030 Suspension
11) 7mm & 15mm Wheel Spacers
12) Sparco EVO 2 Seats
13) Sparco 6 Point Harnesses
14) Vivid Racing Roll Cage
15) Factory Short Shifter
16) LED Tail-Lights
17) Clear Side Markers
18) Full JL Audio Stereo System
19) New Brake Booster
20) New Brakes
21) Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Tires
22) AEM Air/Fuel/Boost Gauge
23) AEM Water/Methanol Gauge
24) Repainted Car
25) Refinished Wheels
26) Factory Carbon Fiber Package
27) Factory Litronic HID Headlamps
28) Porsche Aluminum Racing Pedals


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