Strosek design mirrors for Porsche
posted on: Apr 3, 2016 on category: Parts

r6 550x367 Strosek design mirrors for Porsche

Jacquemond has presented the sport mirrors for some Porsche models. This new mirrors are an evocation of the legendary Strosek ones, that become famous some years ago, before Strosek AutoDesign went bankruptcy and all the molds were destroyed.

Sure there are still some customers fans of this design, so the Jacquemond workshop decided to recreate these famous sport mirrors.

r3 550x367 Strosek design mirrors for Porsche

These mirrors are easy to fit, they use the OEM engie and wiring harness, are already primed and ready for painting. These mirrors could be applied on the 996, 997, Boxster and Cayman.

They are very high quality, in as long as they are produced in Jacquemond workshop in Lyon, in France, which has 22 years of know-how in sport cars products.

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