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FormulaII TECHART Formula II
The new designer rim for all current Porsche models has arrived! With the new Formula II light-alloy wheel TechArt Automobildesign (Röntgenstrasse 47, D-71229 Leonberg-Höfingen, Germany, Tel: +49 / (0) 71 52 / 9 33 9-0, Telefax: +49 / (0) 71 52 / 93 39 33, Internet: ) presents a multi-piece wheel that evolved from the TechArt Formula wheel.

The new wheel design is characterized by a captivating combination of the striking TechArt Formula five-spoke design with stylized screws in the outer ring of the star and a highly polished exchangeable stainless-steel flange.

The advantage of this design is apparent: A flange that was scratched by scraping the curb can be easily and inexpensively exchanged for a new one and the TechArt Formula II wheel shines like new again.

The new light-alloy wheel with 19-inch diameter is available in sizes 8.5Jx19 and 11Jx19. With 20-inch diameter the selection of TÜV-tested sizes ranges from 8.5Jx20 and 11Jx20 to 12Jx20. 22-inch wheels for the Porsche Cayenne are available in 10.5Jx22 and 11.5Jx22 sizes.

TechArt Automobildesign recommends ContiSportContact 3 high-performance tires.

MSRP’s for the new TechArt Formula II light-alloy wheels start at 750 Euros.


I’m looking for two Formula II (20 Inch) stainless steel flanges but no one wants to help what I get is that I have to buy the rim for $1,800.00.

Victor Valentin
July 3, 2010

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