TECHART Formula III forged
posted on: Sep 20, 2007 on category: Parts

techart formula iii forged TECHART Formula III forged
At TECHART Automobildesign, lightness is confidently transformed into driving pleasure with the new TECHART Formula III forged rims. A reduction in weight of over 20 % in this forged wheel compared to the traditional cast wheels make the decisive difference: The unsuspended weight is lower and therefore becomes a guarantor for sporting and dynamic driving style.

This victory over the inertia of mass is just tangible and noticeable, but is, for the visual perception, translated in a design that sustainably remains in the consciousness of the onlooker: with the five part arrangement of the double spokes, transparency is created that is elegantly balanced by the solid character of the monoblock wheel – for gliding without lift off – for the perfect combination of power and speed with vast agility.

Outwardly, the wheel holds what its valuable properties promise: thanks to the patented Dura-Bright®  surface technology from Alcoa, the aluminium used gains resistance. This also prevents braking dust burning in. Altered paint layers are now a thing of the past. Cracks and the formation of orange skin due to high paint thicknesses also. The surface remains perfect.

From December 2007 on, the TECHART Formula III forged wheel will be available for the Porsche series 997, 987 and 986 and for the TECHART GTstreet and TECHART Widebody models in the dimensions 19 and 20 inches.


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