The CARGRAPHIC Airforce for Porsche 911
posted on: Jan 24, 2009 on category: 911

cargraphic airsystem The CARGRAPHIC Airforce for Porsche 911
Cargraphic, one of Europe’s leading Porsche Tuners proudly announce the launch of their “Airlift Suspension System”. This Cargraphic patented automatic level control system elevates many of the day to day problems that can be encountered in driving a high performance lowered sports car such as the Porsche 996/997 and in the near future the Audi R8 around our busy city streets.

The front suspension is operated by a wireless remote control unit by the driver. It enables the car’s front suspension to rise by 55mm enabling it to negotiate obstacles such as car park ramps, speed humps, high kerbs etc. without expensive damage to the front spoiler or underside of the car. If the driver forgets to cancel the system and lower the suspension after he has negotiated the offending obstacle, the “Airlift Suspension” will automatically lower the car back down to normal ride height once it has reached a speed of 50 km/h.

cargraphic airsystem lift1 The CARGRAPHIC Airforce for Porsche 911

The “Airlift Suspension” can be used on road, track and race cars and will not have any adverse effect on the handling or performance of the car or the choice of wheel/tyre combination. The system has already been extensively tested by Michael and Thomas Schnarr the directors of Cargraphic (also known as The performance company).

The system can be fitted directly on to all Porsche 911 series 996 and 997 cars fitted BILSTEIN including the GT2 and GT3 fitted with original shock absorbers. Unlike our competitors PASM will still be in work. The “Airlift Suspension” system was developed in conjunction with BILSTEIN using specially developed air bellows but uses the original tyre compressor.

airlift The CARGRAPHIC Airforce for Porsche 911

The Cargrahic “Airlift Suspension” system will soon be available for the AUDI R8 and other high performance models.

The Cargraphic Airlift Suspension is available in 2 versions: complete kit incl. BILSTEIN B16 suspension or as an upgrade kit for OE coil over suspensions. The OE suspension to upgrade has to be sent for testing to Cargraphic HQ in Landau and usually takes 1 day to complete. The “Airlift Suspension” system from Cargraphic the Performance Company is revolutionary compared to other basic Air suspension kits on the market to-day. For more information and new developments please visit


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